International Joint Conference on Biometrics于2006年合并了AVBPA(基于音频和视频的个人认证)、ICBA(国际生物认证会议)和其他生物认证研讨会,已成为领先的生物认证国际会议。该会议的主题包括当前生物测定学研究和应用的所有领域。官网链接:


Understanding an agent's priorities by observing their behavior is critical for transparency and accountability in decision processes, such as in healthcare. While conventional approaches to policy learning almost invariably assume stationarity in behavior, this is hardly true in practice: Medical practice is constantly evolving, and clinical professionals are constantly fine-tuning their priorities. We desire an approach to policy learning that provides (1) interpretable representations of decision-making, accounts for (2) non-stationarity in behavior, as well as operating in an (3) offline manner. First, we model the behavior of learning agents in terms of contextual bandits, and formalize the problem of inverse contextual bandits (ICB). Second, we propose two algorithms to tackle ICB, each making varying degrees of assumptions regarding the agent's learning strategy. Finally, through both real and simulated data for liver transplantations, we illustrate the applicability and explainability of our method, as well as validating its accuracy.