4月15日,中国计算机学会(CCF)推荐的A类国际学术会议SIGIR 2021论文接收结果公布。SIGIR是人工智能领域智能信息检索方向最权威的国际会议。第44届国际计算机学会信息检索大会(The 44rd International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval, SIGIR 2021)计划于2021年7月11日-7月15日以线上会议形式召开。这次会议共收到720篇长文投稿,仅有151篇长文被录用,录用率约21%。



The 2021 SIGIR workshop on eCommerce is hosting the Coveo Data Challenge for "In-session prediction for purchase intent and recommendations". The challenge addresses the growing need for reliable predictions within the boundaries of a shopping session, as customer intentions can be different depending on the occasion. The need for efficient procedures for personalization is even clearer if we consider the e-commerce landscape more broadly: outside of giant digital retailers, the constraints of the problem are stricter, due to smaller user bases and the realization that most users are not frequently returning customers. We release a new session-based dataset including more than 30M fine-grained browsing events (product detail, add, purchase), enriched by linguistic behavior (queries made by shoppers, with items clicked and items not clicked after the query) and catalog meta-data (images, text, pricing information). On this dataset, we ask participants to showcase innovative solutions for two open problems: a recommendation task (where a model is shown some events at the start of a session, and it is asked to predict future product interactions); an intent prediction task, where a model is shown a session containing an add-to-cart event, and it is asked to predict whether the item will be bought before the end of the session.