Android(安卓)是一种以 Linux 为基础开发的开放源代码的操作系统,主要应用于便携设备。2005 年,Android 公司被 Google 收购,随后 Google 联合制造商组成开放手机联盟。Android 已从智能手机领域逐渐扩展到平板电脑、智能电视(及机顶盒)、游戏机、物联网、智能手表、车载系统、VR以及PC等领域。


The critical constraint of mobile devices is a limited battery life that is significantly reduced during video playback. The power efficiency of video playback mainly depends on the used compression standard, video-decoder, and device model. We propose a software-based method to estimate the power consumption of video-decoders on various Android devices. Experiments on two devices of the same model show a small variation of the power playback consumption and a lack of dependence between the power consumption and the battery level. We have implemented an automatic system that includes the VEQE Android application to measure the power consumption of decoders and a server to collect the power metrics. Our system has collected power-consumption and decoding-speed dataset for video-decoders of six standards (AV1, HEVC, VP9, H.264, VP8, and MPEG-4) operating on 285 devices, representing 147 models. We demonstrate some slices of the created dataset: the top 30 models and video-decoders in terms of power efficiency for playback and for decoding only, as well as video-decoder ratings by power consumption and decoding speed for a given device model.