DST ( Digital Sky Technologies) 为一家俄罗斯科技、投资公司,创始人为 Yuri Milner。2010 年,DST 将旗下邮件服务和投资职能拆分为 Mail.ru Group 和 DST Global 两家公司。 DST 曾投资过 Facebook、Twitter、Groupon、Airbnb、Spotify、Zynga、Flipkart、阿里巴巴、京东等知名科技互联网企业。


Zero-shot transfer learning for dialogue state tracking (DST) enables us to handle a variety of task-oriented dialogue domains without the expense of collecting in-domain data. In this work, we propose to transfer the \textit{cross-task} knowledge from general question answering (QA) corpora for the zero-shot DST task. Specifically, we propose TransferQA, a transferable generative QA model that seamlessly combines extractive QA and multi-choice QA via a text-to-text transformer framework, and tracks both categorical slots and non-categorical slots in DST. In addition, we introduce two effective ways to construct unanswerable questions, namely, negative question sampling and context truncation, which enable our model to handle "none" value slots in the zero-shot DST setting. The extensive experiments show that our approaches substantially improve the existing zero-shot and few-shot results on MultiWoz. Moreover, compared to the fully trained baseline on the Schema-Guided Dialogue dataset, our approach shows better generalization ability in unseen domains.