ICS:International Conference on Supercomputing。 Explanation:国际超级计算会议。 Publisher:ACM。 SIT: http://dblp.uni-trier.de/db/conf/ics/


In recent years Industrial Control Systems (ICS) have been targeted increasingly by sophisticated cyberattacks. Improving ICS security has drawn significant attention in the literature that emphasises the importance of Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) sharing in accelerating detection, mitigation, and prevention of cyberattacks. However, organisations are reluctant to exchange CTI due to fear of exposure, reputational damage, and lack of incentives. Furthermore, there has been limited discussion about the factors influencing participation in sharing CTI about ICS. The existing CTI-sharing platforms rely on centralised trusted architectures that suffer from a single point of failure and risk companies' privacy as the central node maintains CTI details. In this paper, we address the needs of organisations involved in the management and protection of ICS and present a novel framework that facilitates secure, private, and incentivised exchange of CTI related to ICS using blockchain. We propose a new blockchain-enabled framework that facilitates the secure dissemination of CTI data among multiple stakeholders in ICS. We provide the framework design, technical development and evaluate the framework's feasibility in a real-world application environment using practical use-case scenarios. Our proposed design shows a more practical and efficient framework for a CTI sharing network for ICS, including the bestowal and acknowledgment of data privacy, trust barriers, and security issues ingrained in this domain.