Microsoft Windows(视窗操作系统)是微软公司推出的一系列操作系统。它问世于1985年,当时是DOS之下的操作环境,而后其后续版本作逐渐发展成为个人电脑和服务器用户设计的操作系统。


Nowadays, Vehicle-To-Everything (V2X) networks are actively developing. Most of the already deployed V2X networks are based on the IEEE 802.11p standard. However, these networks can provide only basic V2X applications and will unlikely fulfill stringent requirements of modern V2X applications. Thus, the IEEE has launched a new IEEE 802.11bd standard. A significant novelty of this standard is channel bonding. IEEE 802.11bd describes two channel bonding techniques, which differ from the legacy one used in modern Wi-Fi networks. Our study performs a comparative analysis of the various channel bonding techniques and a single-channel access method from IEEE 802.11p via simulation. We compare them under different contention window sizes and demonstrate that the legacy technique provides the best quality of service in terms of frame transmission delays and packet loss ratio. Moreover, we have found a quasi-optimal contention window size for the legacy technique.