Instagram 是一款运行在 iPhone 和 Android 平台上的应用程序,允许用户在任何环境下抓拍下自己的生活记忆,选择图片的滤镜样式,一键分享至社会化平台上。Instagram 在移动端融入了很多社会化元素,包括好友关系的建立、回复、分享等,这是Instagram 作为服务存在而非应用存在最大的价值。 


Social media platforms have been trying to be more transparent about the political ads they run on their platforms, because the Cambridge Analytica scandal revealed that political campaigns are using social media on a large scale. One such transparency effort is the Facebook Ad Library, a public repository of all political ads run on Facebook and Instagram. This library provides journalist and researchers with data to get a better understanding of political advertising and microtargeting on Facebook's platforms. Unfortunately, the Facebook Ad Library only provides estimates and basic information. This paper analyses political ads in more depth, by examining the themes that ads are about. We provide a method to match themes to political Facebook ads and we apply this method to analyse Facebook ad campaigns ran by Dutch political parties during the 2021 Dutch general election.