Awesome 是运行于UNIX以及Linux、FreeBSD等类Unix操作系统上的窗口管理器,是采用GPL协议的自由软件。 不同于KWin和Metacity,awesome是一款Tiling window manager,直译就是“瓦片式窗口管理器”,意译为“平铺式窗口管理器”。所谓的平铺就是之所有的窗口都不会相互重叠,而是自动的被调整大小使得它们能够刚好占满整个屏幕。这和传统的桌面管理器的概念相差很大。


Modern big data applications usually involve heterogeneous data sources and analytical functions, leading to increasing demand for polystore systems, especially analytical polystore systems. This paper presents AWESOME system along with a domain-specific language ADIL. ADIL is a powerful language which supports 1) native heterogeneous data models such as Corpus, Graph, and Relation; 2) a rich set of analytical functions; and 3) clear and rigorous semantics. AWESOME is an efficient tri-store middle-ware which 1) is built on the top of three heterogeneous DBMSs (Postgres, Solr, and Neo4j) and is easy to be extended to incorporate other systems; 2) supports the in-memory query engines and is equipped with analytical capability; 3) applies a cost model to efficiently execute workloads written in ADIL; 4) fully exploits machine resources to improve scalability. A set of experiments on real workloads demonstrate the capability, efficiency, and scalability of AWESOME.